5-Minute Tests - Quick answers to your most burning questions

Short usability tests for selected questions: test individual features, compare designs, determine advertising impact

Our vision to solve this problem: You create the usability test in the morning and can go to lunch with your colleagues without having a hot discussion. After your relaxing break, all test videos are already there and your target group gives you clarity about your burning question.

That's why we developed 5-minute tests.

What are 5-minute tests?

What are 5-minute tests?

5-minute tests are very short crowd usability tests that only include one task, so they can be created very quickly and the approx. 5-minute videos (hence the name) are quick to evaluate

For which questions are 5-minute tests suitable?

The short tests can be used very flexibly:

  • Design comparison: Let the testers briefly compare several pages with each other, e.g. mockups or advertisements.
  • Feature tests: You can also have individual features tested if the testers don't have to get familiar with them for a long time and the tests don't get too long.
  • First impression: Get feedback on the first impression of individual pages (e.g. landing page, home page, ad).
  • Advertising materials: Ads, flyers, posters and other advertising materials can also be tested - what is the first impression? Are they understood? Are they convincing?
  • Search engine results: How do your customers search, which results are appealing to them and why? 5-minute tests can also answer this question. 
  • Retests: Get to the bottom of individual findings from past RapidUser tests or test your derived optimizations in detail.

More complex questions that cannot be answered in a maximum of 5 minutes should still be asked in more detailed RapidUser tests.

If you are unsure whether your question is suitable for a 5-minute test, simply contact our Test Manager.

For whom are 5-minute tests suitable?

  • Designers/Design Departments: 5-minute tests allow you to make and argue design decisions based on user feedback. In this way, you resolve uncertainties with the client and secure your design.
  • Marketing: 5-minute tests are suitable, among other things, for collecting the first impression of advertising materials, identifying likes & dislikes and for validating the branding effect. Another plus: they can be conducted faster and more comprehensibly than an online survey.
  • Product management: Do you want to test quickly the new feature before launch? Done in no time with 5-minute tests.
  • UX: With 5-minute tests, you can also test small UX optimizations within a few hours.

This is what you need to keep in mind when creating a test

Precise scenario: Especially if your test starts in the middle of the user journey, you have to get the testers in the scenario very well. Where are they, what would they have done before in a natural user journey?


Your car won't make it through the inspection this year. Since it's not worth spending a lot of money on repairs, you think about buying a new car. 
Unfortunately, there is not much money left in your bank account. Therefore, you play with the idea of taking out a loan. An acquaintance has recommended Bank X to you and you want to see what the bank can offer you.

Very specific tasks: So that the testers don't ramble and you really only get short result videos, you should formulate very concretely what they should and shouldn't do.


Try out the loan calculator and comment on your approach.

  • What do you like, what do you dislike?

You're done when you've clicked "Apply for credit."

Do 5-minute tests sound interesting to you? 

As an existing customer, you can easily create them via booking. We offer the tests as packages of 5, i.e. you can carry out tests with 5, 10, 15, etc. testers. Of course, you can also pay for 5-minute tests with credits. 10 desktop testers cost only 196 € or 4 credits; for 10 mobile testers you pay 294 € or 6 credits.

Quality Guarantee: As with our longer RapidUsertests, our quality guarantee applies: If you are not satisfied with a tester, we will replace it with a new one upon request.

Do you have any questions or feedback? Then feel free to contact us in the chat on the right below, by phone (030 / 555 747 989) or by mail.