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6 Best Practices - How to Make Your Test a Success


Here are what steps you should take after booking your first test to get the most out of it:

Expect difficult Product Decisions

Be prepared to make tricky product decisions. You may need to consider major interface changes.

Schedule a meeting with the Decision-Makers

This is often overlooked. Schedule a meeting with all decision makers (e.g. Marketing, Product, Support, Management, Development). Get all colleagues on board who will be involved in deciding how to optimize - in moderated tests, you can also let them watch live). This way, important optimization decisions can be made quickly and you don't lose any time. By the way, it is ideal if there is always a final decision maker.

Block time for the Evaluation

Block out time in your calendar for evaluating the videos. You need to plan about 30 minutes of evaluation time per tester. If that's too much for you, we'll be happy to do the work for you.

Use our Evaluation Tool

The best way to evaluate your results is to use our evaluation tool. This way, you'll never lose track of your optimization potential, and can prioritize and share the results with colleagues. Learn more about our tool and what you can do with it here

Prioritize the Optimizations

Your user test will reveal a lot of optimization potential. Think about how you want to prioritize the findings right now. What should be addressed first? For example, you can prioritize according to the cost/benefit ratio or according to optimization, which will increase customer satisfaction the most. 

Plan Resources for Optimization

Plan time for optimization now. After all, you're not testing for the sake of testing, but to improve your website. And you don't want the findings to collect dust in a drawer, do you? Many other website owners have already been rewarded with increased conversion rates and more satisfied users.

And now have fun with your test results and good luck with your optimization!


In our webinar "Hacking UX: UX Testing for Beginners" we reveal even more valuable tips and tricks on how to get the best insights from your usability tests.