Competitor analysis with RapidUsertests

Learning from the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors

Where do I stand in comparison to my direct competitors or the market leader in my industry? Which of my competitors' tricks can I adopt to improve my position? 

In order to create a valuable basis for exploiting existing market potential, expanding your competitive advantage or catching up with more successful competitors, we recommend competitor analyses with time-saving RapidUser tests for the following aspects:

Testing options for competitor questions

Detailed user test of the competitor's website in order to obtain

  • gain deep insights into the competitor's strengths and weaknesses
  • Test the actual benefit of a specific competitor feature for the target group

Comparison of own website with one / more competitor website(s) in order to

  • learn what the target group likes or dislikes and why

Detailed landing page comparison in order to

  • Identify differences in first impressions and prioritize optimization potentials accordingly

Comparison of specific features (e.g. product searches, product detail pages, etc.) to 

  • get referenced user feedback regarding general value and conversion potentials

Test Google search to learn 

  • whether users are more likely to click on a competitor's website or your own, and why