Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This is how we guarantee the quality of our tests and testers

High test quality is our top priority. If you are not satisfied with one of the test videos, you will receive a new test subject free of charge and immediately.

Here you can find out how we ensure that our tests provide you with as many helpful insights as possible, and how you can proceed if you are not satisfied with a test subject.

All our test subjects have completed a screening test

Before we accept a new tester into our panel, they complete a screening test, which our panel managers check by hand.

We make sure that the technology works perfectly and that the respondent is able to speak their thoughts out loud.

Only those who pass will be included in our panel. All others receive feedback and can try again.

Customers rate our testers

As a customer, you can rate each tester on a 5-star scale after each test.

For unmoderated tests, you will find the option to do this in the video view:

2024-01-11 16_30_08-Video 1_4 _ RapidUsertests

For moderated tests, you can rate the testers directly after the session or later in the video view.

The average rating of our testers is 4.4/5, which is very high.

If you give a bad rating, you will receive a replacement immediately.

Testers with a good rating are invited more often

The rating of the testers also affects our invitation algorithm.

Testers with a high average rating are invited more frequently. However, if a test subject receives several poor ratings, they can no longer take part in tests.

Testers can take part in a maximum of 8 tests per month

Our testers are ordinary internet users and behave very naturally. To prevent them from evolving into "professional testers" over time, we limit the number of tests per month they can take part in.

Panel exclusion after breaking the rules

If a tester breaks our rules, e.g. does not adhere to the selection criteria for a test, we first issue a warning.

The second time they break the rules, we exclude them from our panel to ensure the high quality of our tester pool.

You can support us by always rating your testers.

What happens if you are not satisfied with a tester?

After each test, you can rate your testers on a 5-star scale. If you only give one or two stars and report a problem with the tester, you will receive a replacement or a refund in the form of tester credits.

Please indicate in your rating whether you would like to receive a replacement or credit and give us feedback on what the tester could have done better.

2024-01-11 16_39_25-Video 1_4 _ RapidUsertests

For moderated tests, please make sure that you have enough timeslots left if you would like to have a replacement tester. If you do not have any more time, we will of course refund the tester in the form of credits.