Creating usability tests for advanced users

Our expert features: Image upload, soft launch and much more.

Here we have already explained the basics of creating usability tests. 

Here we have already explained the basics of creating usability tests.

Some questions we get again and again when customers create a test with us: 

  • Can I also have an image tested? 
  • Can we test the test concept with only one user first?
  • The test should start later - is that possible?
  • Our answer: Yes, that and much more is possible with our expert features.

They give you even more methodological freedom for your RapidUsertests and allow you to test just as flexibly as you know it from In-House tests - only much faster and less complicated.

Our expert features

To activate the expert features, simply select it during the test booking:

And those are your options:

Image upload

"Test anything that does NOT have a URL" - you can now upload local files when creating a test to guide testers to an image file, for example, an image, design, or prototype.
Just select "Image upload with task" in the first task:

You can now also insert images in all other tasks and in the post-survey.

The image upload is also well suited in combination with 5-minute tests, for example, to test the first impression of a single screen or to compare several advertising media with each other.

Currently, we support the file formats JPEG, PNG, GIF, and the maximum upload size is 10 MB.

Test multiple URLs

Do you want the testers to compare multiple pages or perform tasks on different pages? Then use the task type "URL with task" in the expert features.

This way you can show the testers a different URL in each task.

5-second Tests

How does your product appear in the first five seconds? With our 5-second tests, you can find out what your users' first impression of your website is, whether your offer is relevant to your target audience, or whether they understand what your advertisement is about.

5-second tests can be combined with standard-length RapidUsertests and with 5-minute tests. You can also use multiple 5-second tests in one usability test and randomize them, for example to compare multiple websites or designs.

Here you can find best practices and example tasks.

How to create a 5-second test: 

Task Randomization

In order to obtain valid results in comparison tests such as competitor analyses or version comparisons, it is necessary to avoid the sequence effect, which can influence the evaluation of the individual versions. For this reason, you can select which tasks should be displayed to the testers in randomized order. You can read more about this here.

How to enable randomization for individual tasks:

Different question formats in the follow-up survey

Whether for benchmarking, convincing stakeholders, or comparing two designs - sometimes the qualitative results of usability tests need to be made quantifiable. Therefore, in addition to the open question, we now also offer various other question types in the follow-up survey, including a visual presentation of the results.

Find out more here

How to select the question format:

Set test start time

You want to create the test today to set up the test concept, but it is not supposed to start for a few days? Or you want to book the test already, but only save the test concept temporarily, because it is not final yet?
No problem, then select "I will contact you when the test can start" and we will start the test only when you give us the 'go'. Simply contact us at any time by phone (030 / 555 747 989) or by e-mail ( In the meantime, you can make changes to the test concept in your customer area (by the way, this is still possible after the test has started).


If you are unsure whether your test concept is understandable or precise enough, you can start the test with only a few testers and invite additional participants later. Simply select the desired number.

If necessary, you can make changes to the test and let us know when the rest should start. 

Please also note the maximum test duration of approx. 20 minutes when using the expert features. For longer tests we charge an overlength surcharge.

If you are unsure about the test creation, our UX experts will be happy to assist you. For only 149€ (or 3.5 credits) an experienced User Experience Specialist will create your test concept in coordination with you.

Do you have questions or feedback? Then feel free to contact us in the chat on the bottom right, by phone (030 / 555 747 989) or by mail.