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Email Template for Unmoderated Testing with Your Own Participants

How to send the participation link to your own testers, existing customers or your colleagues

You can also conduct our usability tests with your own participants, for example with existing customers or your colleagues. To be able to invite your testers, you will receive an invitation link from us after booking. Learn more about tests with your own testers here. 

To make sure your testers know all the important information from the beginning, you can use this template to send them the invitation link (just replace the italicized words with your information):


Subject: We need your feedback!


your company has teamed up with RapidUsertests to get feedback from a select group of customers/users. We warmly invite you to use your website and give your opinion on it.

Participation should take approximately 30 minutes.

(As a thank you for your successful participation, you will receive your incentive. Redeemable at your company).

You can participate in the test if

  • You have a Windows PC or Mac with a microphone or headset.
  • Use an up-to-date browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

During the test, your browser and spoken commentary will be recorded. This allows us to see where you encountered problems during use. Your face will not be visible.

Do you feel like giving your opinion and is your equipment ready? Then you can access the test via this link:

(You will receive the link from us after booking).

There you will also get a short introduction about the exact test procedure and how your test will be helpful for us.

Best regards

Your name
Your company

P.S.: On weekdays from 9am to 6pm, the technical support of RapidUsertests is at your disposal for questions or problems: 030/555 747 989 or tester-support@rapidusertests.com.


With this email, nothing stands in the way of your test with your own testers - We wish you much success and numerous discoveries!