How-To: Editing Highlight Videos (and 6 Expert Tips)

Our highlight video feature allows you to quickly edit the best of video from your RapidUsertests. Afterward, you can easily share the video with your colleagues and stakeholders and let them participate in the results because in our experience, even the most critical people can be convinced when they see the actual reactions of the customers.

We'll explain here how to proceed with editing. You'll also get some expert tips from our UX Specialists to make your highlight video stand out.

The right mindset

Our feature makes it easy to edit highlight videos. However, you need the right mindset to create a compelling video.

In most cases, "propaganda - not documentation" applies. So the point is not to show every detail of the test in the highlight video, but to make clear what the big usability potentials are and where they are.

You should also ask yourself some questions before creating the highlight video:

  • What is the goal of the highlight video and who is it for? For example, is it to give a coherent impression of a customer journey? Then you should put all the insights into one video. If you want, for example, to share certain aspects with other departments, you should cut multiple videos so that recipients don't have to navigate the video.
  • What kind of issues do you want to highlight? Is it just about a specific area of the site or customer journey, such as the filter function, or should all problems be included in the video?
  • Should positive aspects and snippets also be included? This can lighten up the video and be motivating.

Now you're ready to start editing!

How to create a highlight video

While you are evaluating the test in our tool, the highlight video is created almost by itself:

1. Comment on important parts of the video

You discover an important part of the video and write a comment about it - just like you would do it otherwise.

2. Mark the most important parts with "create section"

The video passage is so important that it should appear in the highlight video? Check the box "Create section". The default length of the clip is 20 seconds, but you can also set the length manually in the timeline. If you want to focus just on the evaluation, for now, you can also specify the length of the excerpt later.

3. Cut together the highlight video

When you have evaluated all the videos and created important parts as clips, go to "Highlight video" in the sidebar on the left. Here you can define the length of the clips, arrange them by drag and drop and insert slides. 

4. Share highlight video

You have two options for sharing the highlight video:

Send the link to the video directly to your stakeholders or include it in your internal presentations.

Export the video and download it as an .mp4 file.

This is what it looks like, for example:

Note: You can currently create only one highlight video per project. If you want to edit several videos, for example for different departments, you have to export the video first before you create the next video.

Expert Tips

To help you to achieve your goals with a highlight video, we'd like to share a few more tips from our UX Specialists. Why do we know how to create successful clips? Because we ourselves regularly convince our customers with highlight videos.

  • It's better to mark too much than too little: Already during the evaluation, mark suitable parts with "Create section" and roughly trim them. That way you don't have to look through all your comments again afterwards. It is better to mark too many clips and sort them out afterwards than to have to search for the right ones later.
  • Prioritize clips: You can make a note in the comment of each clip to prioritize (How well does the clip describe the problem? Is the user very emotional?), e.g. * to ***.
  • Reflect on usability issues: Think again carefully about the problems you want to highlight in the highlight video before moving on to the detail cut. Focus on about 5 main problems and demonstrate them through 2-3 users each.
  • Find the right length: Individual clips should not be longer than one minute (exceptions prove the rule). There are no guidelines for the total length because it depends on your personal use case. Therefore, in the end, go through the questions from the beginning again and consider whether you cover everything or whether you can even leave something out. Because remember: Brevity is the soul of wit and you don't want to bore the recipients of your highlight video.
  • Show strengths: Show not only problems but also strengths. Emotional reactions from users in particular will lighten up your presentation.  It often makes sense to start and end with something positive. Especially with prototype tests, it is interesting to see what already works well. And who wants to accidentally "optimize away" the strengths?
  • Use in-between slides: In-between slides are kind of like the table of contents of your video. Without them, viewers are disoriented and don't know what to expect next. But if they have a clue on the in-between slide about what the next section is about and where that problem occurs, they can easily follow along with the video.

Do you have any questions or feedback about the feature?

Then we'd love to hear from you by email, below in the chat, or by phone (030 / 555 747 987).

And now have fun editing your highlight video!