Let our experts create your test

Save time and make sure to get all the answers you need by having our experts create your test

When booking a test, you can choose whether you want to create the test concept yourself or whether one of our usability specialists should do it for you.

How does the test creation by experts work?

1. You book the test creation for €99 (or 2.5 credits) in the booking form.

2. Shortly after that, we will arrange a phone call with you. 

3. A usability specialist from our agency Userlutions will discuss the test concept with you in a 15-30 minute phone call. 

You can expect these questions:

  • What do you want to test?
  • What are the goals of your usability test?
  • Who is your target group, and how should it be narrowed down?
  • What should the test users do? What is the use case?

4. Based on this phone call, your specialist creates the test concept, sends it to you for approval before the start of the test and implements any customization requests. It usually takes one business day from the booking to this step. You are in a hurry? Tell us about it in the last step of the booking form.

5. The test goes live and within a few hours you will receive the first videos.

Here are some situations where having an expert create a test will give you added value:

You have never created a usability test yourself

In your first test, it is quite understandable that you are unsure about the test creation.

Our usability experts have a lot of experience in setting up and running usability tests. When we create the test, the tasks and questions are guaranteed to provide the answers you're looking for.

The consultants will also help you take into account any special features of unmoderated remote testing. Structured tasks as well as open-ended questions provide important insights even without verbal follow-up.

You want neutral results without influencing the testers

You yourself have a completely different view of your product than a first-time user. It is therefore quite natural that you find it difficult to write neutral tasks.

Our experts have an unbiased view of your product and can therefore write tasks without influencing the user. Moreover, they have already analyzed many different products and can apply this experience to your test.

You don't have time to do it yourself

Especially if you are inexperienced in creating usability tests, it can take a while to write precise tasks and questions.

If one of our experts is creating the test for you, you only have to invest 15 to maximum 30 minutes for a phone call.

You also let us evaluate the test (Full-Service)

In the full-service package, the creation by a usability expert is included and you can lean back completely :)