Let our experts evaluate the test (Full Service)

What is the "Expert Evaluation" and what is the process?

Hundreds of companies use our Full Service. With the expert evaluation, you are sure to get the most out of your tests and have very little effort yourself.

In these cases we recommend the Full Service:

  • You want the best possible results & analysis from experienced experts.
  • You don't have time to evaluate yourself.
  • You have never evaluated a usability test before.
  • You are unsure whether you will be able to identify all usability problems.
  • You want neutral findings, free from company blindness or corporate politics.

In these cases we recommend Self Service:

  • You have a lot of experience with usability testing and you are confident to identify all problems and interpret them correctly. 
  • You need the results very quickly (in several hours).
  • You want to test only with a small number of testers.

Which results do I get with the Full Service?

  • Detailed usability analysis in the form of a well-structured PDF presentation with screenshots and explanations that you can also use for internal communication with all stakeholders.
  • Concrete optimization recommendations to increase usability and conversion rates
  • Prioritized checklist of the most promising optimization levers for everyday use
  • Discussion of the results and recommendations, either by phone or at your site (approx. 2h)

The process of the expert evaluation:

  • Get advice and a quote: Arrange a non-binding consultation with us. On this basis we will create an individual offer for you.
  • Adjusting the test concept: Your personal usability expert creates the test concept in cooperation with you. Effort for you: approx. 30 minutes. Afterwards your test users will test the website/app and your usability expert will evaluate the results.
  • Presentation of results (approx. 2 hours):  From kickoff to presentation of results usually takes 1-2 weeks.
  • Optimization: Now you can start optimizing your website or app. Or you can let us help you with the conception of the adjustments.

Who are the experts?

Our experts are UX professionals with degrees in psychology, human-machine communication and design. Since they analyze a wide variety of websites and apps on an almost weekly basis, they have learned a very broad product horizon and many best practices that they are happy to share with you.

Learn more about our team of consultants here.


Prices for an expert evaluation start at 3000€ for tests with 10 users, but depend on the effort and scope of the project. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation and offer.